Cupping Therapy/Massage

Cupping is a form of alternative chinese medicine.

I perform two types of cupping therapy/massage within my beauty room.

Stagnant cupping - Special vacuum cups are placed onto areas of the body, with specific meridian/pressure points relating to the pain/disease that is being treated. These cups are left on for around 5-10 mins at a time, and allow for movement of scar tissue and increase fresh blood flow to flush away stagnation and toxins.  

Cupping Massage - Is a deep tissue massage, using the special cups. Whereas a Swedish massage is downward pressure, the vacuum created using the cups, lift the muscles and tendons into the cup to increase blood flow and dissolve stagnation.

Cupping can be used to treat numerous illness/issues, such as:

Blood disorders



Fertility/gynecological disorders


High Blood Pressure



Bronchial congestion caused by allergies or asthma

Varicose veins.

Cupping therapy can cause 'bruise like' circles on the body, depending on the stagnation and illness being treated. 

Facial cupping is also available in the beauty room. These are small silicone cups, that are used to massage the muscles in the face, to uplift. NO MARKS are left on the face.